DBIS – Destination Business Information System

The proposed destination BIS represents the basis for the possibilities of a new range of ICT solutions in tourism.

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DBIS – Destination Business Information System

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Branislav Krsak – Technical University of Kosice, Department of Geo and Mountain Tourism

Docent at the Geo and Mountain Tourism Department of the Faculty of Mining, Management and Geotechnology specializing in the development of tourism through the introduction of innovative information and communication technologies. He demonstrates his experience with international contributions focused on the issue of information and communication technologies in the tourism industry. He actively participated in more than 40 projects. He has 15 years of experience as a project manager.


The originality of the project lies in the fact that it relieves CR actors of the need to manually collect data from external sources. On
the contrary, it gives the user room for wide possibilities of modeling and testing potential innovations in various forms of tourism activities (investment plans, services, events, new attractions, technologies, etc.).

The proposed destination BIS represents the basis for the possibilities of a new range of ICT solutions in tourism (GIS applications , applications and software solutions for smart tourism, etc.) Last but not least, the platform enables decision-making and planning based on real performance trends in the destination.

The proposed destination BIS has no parallel in the Slovak (and probably worldwide) conditions of tourism destination management. It represents a completely new concept of perceiving the solution of the destination as a broad spectrum interconnected socio-economic organism that covers all the creators of supply and demand.

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