Creative Agents

Connecting the creative and cultural industries with sustainable development

The Project Creative Agents aims to support VET providers to adapt their training into the needs in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) sector by creating a new job profile, the Creative Agent, who will encompass entrepreneurial spirit, digital know-how and a green approach to their practice.

Partners have worked to convert the training program into an e-learning platform. It includes in a set of questions and answers to perform the self-assessment. All the project contents are published on the electronic platform.

case studies

Sustainability in processes of collaboration

Art Reactor

Art Reactor is a community-based artistic project. It incorporated artistic and cultural content in a project dealing with community and sustainability topics, in collaboration with local and national art institutions.

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Audiences and Hybrid approaches

Fly Low/Fly High

Our pilot project was aiming to create new models for cross collaboration between travel and art sectors that can improve the cultural sector’s actors’ economic potential

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