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Radio Deus is a pop-up radio station airing online for one day, targeting the creative sector, professionals, students and policy makers.

On the 16th December 2021 the DeuS partnership ran a unique pop-up radio station to share the project results, reflections and to set the scene for future developments of the DeuS project.

The radio was divided into several shows covering different topics on how to shape vocational and educational training for the Creative and Cultural sector project, harnessing innovative methodologies.

Listen to the podcasts and follow the DeuS team and their lively exchange with invited experts representing the cultural sector, from policy to practice, including a special focus on how European Capitals of Culture, working with Education and Research, can be the catalyst for innovation in skills development and learning for the sector.

Boris Meggiorin presents the Radio DeuS programme for the day with the DeuS Partners

and the Radio DeuS Listener

  • Franco Bianchini, Centre for Cultural Value,

University of Leeds

DeuS partners Shelley Doolan from University of Wales Saint David Trinity (UK) and Silja Suntola from Xamk University of Applied Sciences (Finland) talk about the competencies needed for the Creative and Cultural Industries and the DeuS thinking for today and tomorrow, together with guests:

Deepdive into the European Capitals of Culture capacity building needs and how they can be harnessed as learning platforms? Can skills development be extended beyond the Creative and Cultural Industries, such as the public sector? What is the relevance and key factors for successful networking on a regional, national and EU-level?

DeuS partner Paolo Montemurro from Materahub (Italy) talks about how Vocational Education Services can be leveraged across Europe for the Creative and Cultural Industries with guests: Talking about the European engagement model Pact for Skills and presenting the DeuS manifesto for skills development in Europe for the Cultural and Creative Industries.

DeuS partners Becky Riches from Matera-Basilicata 2019 (Italy) and Boris Meggiorin from Materahub (Italy) explore how creativity and innovation need smart business skills to work with guests:

  • Kath Penaluna, University of Wales Saint David Trinity (UK)
  • Georgios Zisimos, European Training Foundation (Italy)
  • Maisa Kantanen, Xamk University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Rita Orlando, European Capital of Culture, Matera-Basilicata 2019

How can creative professionals be engaged to follow entrepreneurial training? What are the suited delivery methods and how can challenged based learning play a role? How can the industry effectively communicate its needs to policy makers?

DeuS partners Silja Suntola Xamk University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and Karsten Xuereb, University of Malta explore the current challenges of assessing creative competencies and skills with guests

How are educational institutions addressing the assessment needs for the Creative and Cultural Industries and how are Learning-by-doing, challenge-based learning and real-life project work being recognised? What is the potential for creative and entrepreneurial competencies training to be valorised and exploited beyond the Creative and Cultural Industries?

DeuS partners Rita Orlando from the Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019 and Karoline Haulund from the Creative Business Network welcome guests to talk about the importance of ‘spaces’ and ‘methodologies’ to stimulate cross sector networking, experimentation and enhanced business-community relations.


What makes the DeuS Living Lab unique on how it can respond to the needs of the Creative and Cultural Industries in terms of advocacy and skills gaps? Guests will showcase examples of the DeuS Living Labs and  Creative Hubs across Europe, reflecting upon the future potential and application.

The Listener will guide us through the highlights of the day and leave the floor ro the handover ceremony with Matera 2019 passing the DeuS torch to future European Capitals of Culture as privileged fields for creative industries empowerment with:

  • Sylvain Pasqua, European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture
  • Rossella Tarantino and Giovanni Oliva, Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019
  • and future European Capitals of Culture

Oulu 2026,   Eleusis 2023, Chemnitz 2025, Salzkammergut 2024

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