DeuS is an Erasmus+ regional Vocational Educational Training (VET) project that aims to co-create a european-wide learning and training approach in design, critical thinking and entrepreneurship to find participatory, creative and cost-effective solutions to local challenges, by unlocking the potential of the cultural and creative sector. The Deus team would like to share here the project outputs that are helping to shape the overall development of the project.


The stakeholder analysis report seeks to identify the particular characteristics of and challenges faced by the cultural and creative sector in relation to skills needs, education and training, cross-sectoral collaboration and co-working, and economic sustainability; it highlights responses that already exist to these characteristics and challenges and reflects insights gathered from those directly involved in the sector. This report has informed and shaped the subsequent co-creation of a VET (Vocational Educational Training) learning and training approach in design, critical thinking and entrepreneurship


This dissemination report has been created to monitor, evaluate and subsequently fine tune the DeuS project dissemination strategy to help shape the final followup and overall impact of dissemination activities. approach in design, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

deuscomp toolkit

The DeuSComp Toolkit is designed for learners and educators and is the starting point resource for the delivery of DeuSComp teaching and learning. It provides:
  • an overview of the course, its development and methodology;
  • an explanation of the training structure and objectives;
  • materials needed to deliver the training along with links to the online platform.

DeuS Living Lab

The DeuS Living Labs are creative and collaborative processes that have piloted how the heterogeneous perspective of multidisciplinary teams can be harnessed to identify solutions for challenges found within local communities.