Transformative Bootcamp

Building on information and insights from the EcoC Watch to improve the business environment for tourism SMEs. They will be empowered to get and learn why and how to be a data- driven market player through:

  1. an inspirational mentoring approach set between digitally advanced SMEs and those lagging behind in the digital transformation process;
  2. a virtual programme helping them explore and learn data-driven approaches that they could usefully apply in their own context;
  3. a pattern of Collaborative Matchmaking that will help tourism SMEs move through their digital transformation, supporting them to be more sustainable and provide travellers with more personalized offers and experiences. Each tourism SME will be matched with a) a cultural and creative SME or professional and a player active in the field of ICT/digital technology, including data analysts and strategists, that will help the tourism SME develop and/or improve viable and sustainable tourism business models and strategies, including rethinking decision-making and organizational processes, and develop new products and services more accessible and provided with higher value added.


Danzar o camiño

Danzar o camino is a project of decentrallized programme of site-specific contemporanean dance happenings on Santiago’s Way emergent inherited sites.


rurAllure, european project about innovative cultural-tourist strategies to attract visitors from European pilgrimage routes to their perymeter rural cultural heritage.


Macaranga is a company active in the field of musical, cultural training and promotion of the territory, with a focus on social innovation and the creative sector.

Academy Culture

Academy Culture is a dynamic and fresh organization putting forward an innovative and sustainable state of cultures both on the local and international platforms.


MT-Europe is an inspiring work space for professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators.


We develop solutions that allow you to carry out collaborative digital storytelling projects by locating multimedia content and data on
interactive maps.


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