Collaborative Matchmaking

CulTourData will activate a Collaborative Matchmaking between tourism SMEs, Creative Industries and Data experts aiming at developing innovative, creative driven solutions for understanding, managing, using data coming generated in and by the tourism sector.

Through the matchamking, tourism SMEs will be helped develop and/or improve viable and sustainable tourism business models and business strategies, including rethinking decision-making and organizational processes, and develop new products and services that are expected to be data-driven, creativity-based and customer-centred, then provided with higher value added. They will explore innovative collaboration and partnership as enablers of smart combinations of skills, expertise and resources that are necessary for a systemic change towards digital transformation.

The matchmaking will target 60 European tourism SMEs belonging to the Eurostat classes I5510 I5520, I5530, N79, such as hotel and accommodation, travel agencies and tour operators.

A call to select the SMEs will be launched and selected SMEs will go through a 2-month warm up / preliminary matching in which they will test the cooperation with 1 cultural and creative professional or SME and 1 digital expert / data scientist (Collaborative Matchmaking), trying out the feasibility of the proposal submitted under the application stage. The most promising cooperation ideas will enter the scheme’s funded stage that will last 20 weeks (about 5 months), during the which they will be given the opportunity to spend a total amount of 7.000 Euros to cover:

  • Costs of advisory services and skills improvement, that is in-depth mapping of specific digitalisation / innovation related needs to be addressed by SMEs to achieve the desired result as set out in the reviewed proposal and/or improving employees’ skills to digitalise the business operations;
  • Compliance adaptations necessary to improve the possibility of cooperation with the previously identified CCIs/digital players (multidisciplinary arrangements) in the area of digitalisation, innovation, big data and smart ICT, smart accessible / transformative/ tourism, including adaptation of organizational and operational procedures, data collection etc.
  • Travel, registration and accommodation costs allowing active participation of tourism SMEs in the Collaborative Matchmaking.