Tiimiakatemia was born from a need to do something differently by Johannes Partanen in 1993. JAMK needed a new way to bring together people interested in entrepreneurship. They built an entrepreneurship unit called “Tiimiakatemia”, which taught students project leadership and team coaching from day one.

Each student joins a project from day one and uses real money to get his work going. They do not study theory normally. Each student joins a project team, who has a mentor and with the mentor, the students get to choose books they want to read based on what they want to learn. So, the school starts from the interests of the student at first, and the student gets to build his own project learning route for the whole studies.

Students teach each other often based on the current project they are working on. The school supports working with different companies, and one example was a trip to Romania, where students travelled there by road. Students gathered sponsor money from other companies and with the help of them, they travelled from Finland to Romania. When the school was finished, the students could do a world around trip with the money they have collected with their projects.

Tiimiakatemia provides robust, tested and flexible way of getting people to train their knowledge workers’ competencies. The Method has been used for over 20 years both in management and entrepreneurship education. It has 10,000 users in over 15 countries who use it in their own contexts and in their own ways. Numerous learners have discovered the joy of learning and become entrepreneurs by using the method. Those learners who are in working life have developed their managerial skills and have been able to build and lead teams in success.

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