Teach for Slovakia

Teach for Slovakia creates a community of leaders who work together on change inside and outside schools. During the 2 years of the programme, participants will gain experience from the reality of the education system. Also, they undergo personal development training and work on community or school development projects. After 2 years, they continue as ambassadors and, from various positions and careers, they lead the necessary changes for a better and fairer education system. There are 40 such teachers in the schools across Slovakia that help develop and improve the educational system in the country.

Weak points of the education system in Slovakia identified by Teaching for Slovakia (TfS):

  • generational poverty
  • low readable literacy
  • big gaps (between the family “standards”)
  • the low number of leaders

The programme is focused on:

  • Personal development – includes training such as networking, the art of negotiation, storytelling, leadership models, effective communication, problem-solving, building a personal vision, and project management.
  • Students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds – the participants, who worked in schools from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, increased the basic level of mathematical literacy of their students from 5% at the beginning of the school year to 30 to 40% at the end of the year in one year.
  • Networking – through our community of supporters, they intensively connect programme participants with successful people who want to support the change in the education system (businesses, private companies, NGOs also public sector
  • Internships – public administration, the private sector, or foreign partner organisations, the choice is varied – completing the summer internship is part of their programme. Participants have the opportunity to design it themselves, depending on their interests and where they want to continue to operate. In the case of their partners, they mediate the first contact and thus help the participant to get to the place that interested him.
  • Access to the workshops, conferences, training, contacts (a network of 48 organisations around the world)

Learn more at www.teachforslovakia.sk/ and follow the programme on Facebook.


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