Founded in 2014, The Association of Cultural Managers (KVAD) seeks to unite Lithuanian cultural managers, active practitioners and academics in various fields: theater, dance, audio visual, visual, interdisciplinary arts, music, cultural education, cultural policy, etc. It promotes their mutual cooperation and support, represents their interests, and develops their competencies.

KVAD Activities:

  • Creating a community of cultural managers – practitioners and academics – to promote mutual cooperation and greater participation in national and international cultural processes.
  • Education and competence development of cultural managers: organisation of conferences, seminars, trainings, discussions.
  • Relations with similar associations abroad, participation in scientific and social programmes and projects of the European Union (EU), the world and the Republic of Lithuania, preparation of international projects.

Currently, the activities of the association are most actively developed in the following directions.

The association has working groups dealing with various issues. They participate in events organised by the Ministry of Culture (LRKM) and others. During these meetings, the association seeks to represent the interests and needs of cultural managers and solve problematic issues arising in the field of culture at the national and municipal levels. KVAD members are regularly invited to attend various meetings as official representatives of the association.

Existing permanent or temporary working groups: Vilnius City Municipality issues; Educational culture programme issues; Issues of activity of the Lithuanian Culture Council; Seimas, participation in sittings; Tax environments. Newly developed: to discuss the problems of the LCT program “Art for Human Welfare”.

Exchange of Experience
Colleagues and members of the association have the opportunity to regularly consult with specialists in various fields united by KVAD: communicate with managers representing different cultural and artistic fields; share field-relevant information; conduct regular formal and informal meetings (working group meetings, lunches, etc.).

Project Activities
The association operates as a legal entity operating in the field of culture and art, implementing in-service training activities for cultural managers throughout Lithuania:

The association plans to organise in-service training in the regions of Lithuania, to look for partners who want to submit applications together. Qualification development activities may be organised and implemented by KVAD members with relevant competencies.

KVAD may provide a legal entity for project cultural or artistic activities during the Lithuanian Council of Culture (LKT) application period.

Promotion and Dissemination Of The Prestige Of The Cultural Manager Profession. The association seeks to consolidate the activities of the cultural manager, legitimise it, and improve the working conditions of cultural managers.

Learn more at www.kvad.lt.


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