C hoch 3

Creative Industries Coaching is an Austria-wide programme for CCIs to strengthen their entrepreneurial competence and cooperation skills. Within the framework of the “Creative Industries Strategy for Austria”, 100% of the funding is provided by the Federal Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW), the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ), Kreativwirtschaft Austria (KAT) and regional partner organisations in the federal provinces to offer the programme free of charge.

It is the thought that cooperations fail because collaborations are often not properly set up, structured and planned that inspired the programme. Competence to cooperate cannot be trained by frontal lecture; it needs a mixture of theory and self-experience.

In the Creative Industries Coaching C hoch 3 (C to the power of three) a group of 20 creative professionals selected by a jury has the opportunity to model their business model in a co-creative manner within the network, to expand their economic competences and to incorporate new ideas into entrepreneurial offerings. The workshops take place over a period of 6 to 8 months in all of the 9 regions of Austria.

Here are the core elements of the innovative programme approach:

  • Bottom-up orientation, in which the group decides what is actually needed for entrepreneurial activity and what the focus of the workshops will be.
  •  Peer learning, in which an interdisciplinary transfer of knowledge among the participants is promoted. The focus is on personal experience and the exchange of experiences at eye level. Expert knowledge is only consulted when necessary.
  • Group coaching, in which a climate of trust is built up, which makes it possible to talk openly about challenges and to strengthen each other.
  • Co-creation projects in small groups with a fixed content contribution on the topic of cooperation, which guarantees optimal support for cooperation projects and strengthens the networking aspect at C hoch 3.
  • Use of digital tools for cooperation, which complement the analogue workshops. If necessary, it is also possible to switch to digital modules in the programme if the framework conditions do not allow personal meetings at short notice.

In addition, feedback loops are planned for the further development and quality assurance of the programme with insight meetings with the participants, final events, train the trainer formats and an evaluation of the programme.

C to the power of three is offered, advertised and implemented by KAT in cooperation with regional partner organisations.


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