The DeuS Manifesto

The DeuS partnership has been working on identifying the training needs of the Creative and Cultural Industries ecosystem and developing innovative methodologies
that can effectively respond to such needs, not just in terms of content but also, fundamentally, delivery methods suited to the creative professionals within this
During this journey, policy-orientated learnings, reflections, and observations have resonated within the DeuS partnership and formed the inspiration for this Manifesto.

What are the training and upskilling needs of the Creative and Cultural professional?

As in other economic sectors, how can VET be a viable alternative for the creation of future CCI professional generations?


Becky Riches
Author: Becky Riches

Becky Riches is half English and half Irish and lives in Matera (Italy). She happily accepts that her time studying in Modena, Italy, through the EU Erasmus programme transformed her life. After years working in a multinational environment, she transformed her professional profile in support of a life choice to live in the South of Italy. Since 2007 Becky has driven a sustainable tourism project, Lucania Living, specialised in welcoming new non-Italian homeowners, restoring abandoned rural villages, forging cultural bridges and harnessing the authenticity of Southern Italy to define a sustainable future. In 2018 she joined the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation that drove the rich cultural programme for Matera’s year as European Capital of Culture. She coordinated the Development and Relations team and was project manager for specific cultural artistic projects focused on citizen participation and inclusion. Becky is the Matera 2019 DeuS project manager and works on other cultural projects and initiatives.



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