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The purpose of education is to help every child flourish, no matter what happens in life. The world is changing faster than schools, but beautiful things are still happening in education all over the world.

HundrED is a project that brings together the best innovations in the world and develops 100 new teaching models with schools around the world and shares them free for all. The project leader is a Finnish education company “SCOOL”.


The background of the project is to support changing the school system so that it relates to present working life. The skills and jobs in the working life change all the time so schools need to adapt to that.

Our work is made possible by ambitious companies and organisations, both big and small that share our mission and values. That is why the project seeks for the world’s leading education experts and has already connections with experts like Sir Ken Robinson and Salman Khan. It also has a very wide network of partners including large organisations in Finland like DNA (one of the Finnish telecom service providers), OP (one of the largest financial companies in Finland) and Supercell (a mobile game developer based in Helsinki).

One big result of the project is to build a platform of education innovations, which will be given for use to any school around the world. The platform, though, is only a basis to let every teacher in the world know that the world changes constantly. It will provide tools for teachers to find a mindset together with other teachers and students that change is constant, and innovations are found by acting differently than before.

Every education leader should be able to essentially go shopping for the best new ideas by browsing a curated catalogue of proven innovations. HundrED is that catalogue. And it’s really quite surprising that one has not existed before. HundrED is ’connecting the unconnected’ according to Saku Tuominen.

While students would be the primary beneficiaries of importing successful education ideas, benefits will be felt regionally and nationally as well. The school structures and cultures that open their doors and minds to new ideas first and with the fewest reservations are likely to best prepare students to thrive in a world that’s increasingly connected, digital, diverse, skilled, on-demand and rapidly changing.

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